Welcome to this special section of the site. Here you will find lots of helpful information regarding the current redevelopment project, including what the core team have been up to, minutes of meetings, ideas and feedback and much more


In 2011/12 the leadership approved a profile for the church with a view to appointing a new minister to continue God’s work among us. The vision at the heart of this profile calls us to become a visible community of God’s people in Brentwood and thus fulfil His commission to make disciples and save souls. This vision was wholeheartedly endorsed by members and soon afterwards the Reverend John Prothero was called to be our minister.


When he first arrived in Brentwood John was very clear before God about three things –

The need for us as a church
to draw closer to Jesus


The need to seek a deeper walk of
fellowship and communion with Him


The need, ahead of any other major
project God may have in mind for us in the future,
to pay urgent attention to the building
He has entrusted into our care.


The priority attached to the building reflects its key role in fulfilling our vision. And in particular the building should –

  • be rendered fit for purpose, putting as much love, thought and imagination into its renewing and reshaping as possible


  • be modernised, more uplifting, warmer and inviting, particularly from the point of view of unchurched people


  • present as little psychological barrier to entry as possible with doors wide open to meet the needs of the local community and to demonstrate Christ’s love and concern.


These are therefore the primary aims of the Redevelopment Project and many more objectives follow in consequence. For example we need to ensure older and less mobile folk enjoy a safe, comfortable and inclusive experience when they are with us and the needs of younger people – who are the future of the church – deserve especial attention.

We need to be good custodians of the building that God has entrusted to us, by putting as much love, thought and imagination into it’s redevelopment as we possibly can…John Prothero