We have assessed three firms of architects.  Allen Associates designed the landmark Danbury Mission and were highly recommended by the church project leader.  MEB Design has designed a remarkable number of churches in our locality, all of whom commended the firm to us.  Finally, we added John Finch Associates of Chelmsford as a local firm which Danbury had short-listed during their exhaustive assessments.


  • Ralph Allen Associates

Presently, Ralph Allen Associates website is under heavy reconstruction. However you may download a copy of their 2014 Church Brochure to see some of their work.   Requires Microsoft PowerPoint.




After visiting churches to see their work, discussing the quality of their liaison with clients and interviewing them at our premises, the Redevelopment Team recommended the church appoint Allen Associates to carry out a Feasibility Study.  This was endorsed by the membership at the church meeting on 18 March 2014 together with a budget of £4,500 for financing the study.

The rationale behind the recommendation is recorded in the Minutes of the Team Meeting on 3 February 2014.


Feasibility Study

The below report outlines the first initial presentation from Allen Associates held at the Church on 12th June 2014.

Initial Presentation 12 June 2014

Follow up letter to Ralph Allen 3 July 2014

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