Architect’s Brief and Other Documents

Here you will find various reports compiled by the Redevelopment Team in the course of their work. Some define the future requirements, or needs of the Church, while others comprise structured group conversations with users of the Church, investigations into related issues like car parking, relevant extracts from members’ meetings and additional background information.

The primary document is the Architect’s Brief. This was approved at the members’ meeting on 18 March 2014, having previously been designated Statement of Needs Draft 7, Version 4. The document has progressed through several stages of consultation and refinement and earlier issues are also available here.


Architects Brief and Feasibility Study

Redevelopment Architects Brief
  (PDF Version)
Feasibility Study October 2014
  (PDF Version)

Responses and Comments received

John Acton

Linda Tavener

Linda Tavener Diagram 1

Liz DeBoo

Nick Tavener

Paul Beniston

Ron and Anita Johnson

Rosemary Gaughan

Marion Peters

Marion Peters Diagram 1


Previously published versions

Redevelopment Statement of Needs Draft 7 Version 3

Redevelopment Statement of Needs Draft 6

Redevelopment Statement of Needs Draft 5


Other Reports

Car Parking

Car Parking Options v2


The following reports show current storage allocations, the total of which is 69 cubic metres. This is analysed by Room and Activity on Sheets 1 and 2 respectively.

Redevelopment Storage Capacity


Building Constraints

Redevelopment Planning Constraints

Coffee Lounge

The Meeting Place


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