About Us

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Our Past

Brentwood Baptist Church has been a medium sized church varying between 80 - 180 members for over 100 years.

We first met in Brentwood Town Hall on 12th January 1884 in connection with C.H. Spurgeon's County Mission.  Between 250 and 300 people gathered.  A large majority of them voted to continue the services on Sunday evenings and with that Brentwood Baptist Church was conceived.

Prior to this it seems there was a nucleus of people meeting in a cottage

After this auspicious start the work was handed over to the Pastors' College and in particular to William Walker.  William Walker was a student at evening classes at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, an innovation of dynamic C.H. Spurgeon.  

In April 1885 Walker presided over a crowded meeting with lantern slides  The collection alas amounted to only £3-15-6 which the chairman said would not pay expenses and collection plates would be held at the door.

A local draper, Mr Dudney, was a leading lay figure and there was also cordial support from the Rev. W. Legerton who was pastor of the local Congregational Church.  

Walker consulted C.H.Spurgeon and with Spurgeon's support set about building a chapel. 

In October 1885 we entered the new chapel, a corrugated iron building known as the Tin Chapel.  It seated 300 though could accommodate 400.  The cost of the building was nearly £500. We were fortunate to have the support of Richard Francis Weymouth, the first of modern translators of the New Testament, as a deacon. 

God has been faithful to us in the many years since as we have been to Him.

 Our Present

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We are part of the Baptist Union & Eastern Baptist Association as we align ourselves with the heritage of beliefs and practises of the Baptist denomination.

”What on earth does that mean?”

Believers Baptism

We believe that each person must come to their own personal relationship with God, recognising & repenting of their sins, to be baptised into new life with Him.

One God, Three Persons

We believe in one God; Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

The Authority of scripture

We believe that the Bible is God’s word and that it’s teachings are the ultimate authority for our lives.

Our Future

We believe that the future of our community of believers is going to be incredible because we believe in a God who always provides what we need and is always faithful to His promises.

We pray that you will be part of it if you aren’t already.